Something good.

I am learning to check myself when insecurity tries to seep in, and I begin to think that I have to do the establishing and sustaining where the Lord places me, whether professionally, socially, etc.

As Believers, God does our establishing, and where He leads, He feeds (supplies the necessary tools, skills etc. needed for us to not only survive (make it), but thrive)!

When I feel like I have to personally fight or make something happen within my own power/might, I begin to second guess my abilities, giftings, and/or just the overall flare that God has specially granted me.

I am finding as I continue to walk out and trust what the Word states – God will establish me, He will fight my battles, it is He who grants me success, I take a step back, breathe, and repent for relying on my own ability vs God’s. I then just shake it off, and boldly get back in there and by faith, continue to walk out the ordered steps before me.

As Believers we don’t have to try and make things happen on our own, or be shaken by how things appear. We can confidently trust that God is with us, and what He has prepared for us is something good…

Staying encouraged, I pray the same for you!

Scripture References (just a few): Deuteronomy 28:9, II Thessalonians 2:16-17, Exodus 14:14, Deuteronomy 3:22, Joshua 1:8

Author: Lyn Marie

I am someone who knows and accepts that I DO NOT know it all. There's always room to grow! Happy to try and encourage others, as I encourage myself. We can make it through together! :)

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