Embrace the time of calm.

Sometimes I get into a “go-go-go!” type of mode – I feel like I always must have something going on. If not personally/socially, then professionally (at work).

I totally get the mindset of wanting to be productive and utilize your time here on earth, but always being on “go” not only isn’t the best for your health (even our electronic devices need a reset/recharge), but this mindset can also make it nearly impossible to positively embrace the seasons of calm that enter our lives.

Typically for me, right after a prolonged stretch of a busy season (mainly at work), I find the need to have to fight back the feeling of anxiety when a time of calm hits. My body seems to desperately search for a task I must’ve forgotten, or I pick back up a worry/concern that I’ve already laid at the feet of the Lord, again to feed the need to have something to “work” on / be consumed by.

This time around I choose to do things differently! During this time of calm, I am making the conscience decision to chill the heck out! I have already begun to experience a little taste of how enjoyable the here and now can be when I am present, and not overburdened with workload, unnecessary tasks and events, or even thoughts.

For as long as I am living, there will again come a period when busyness will be required, so for right now, I am taking on and embracing the time of calm!

Staying encouraged – Sincerely praying the same for you 🙂

**I do want to mention that as Believers, we have the privilege of always having some type of peace/calm at our fingertips, so we can embrace the time of calm in every season we face (Philippians 4:6-7)!