God’s will, not my own.

Fairly often the Lord places specific individuals on my heart to reach out to, and send some appreciation/love. I dig this as I am fond of encouraging others, but there are times where I am hesitant and talk myself out of this task.

The reason for the hesitation varies, but is often due to the fear of coming across as weird (the individual wondering why I am reaching out to them or saying what I am saying). Another reason is the fear of coming across as flirty or having a crush. This fear comes into play specifically when being urged to reach out to members of the opposite sex.

The result of these fears taking over, is me aborting the encouragement mission the Lord assigned to me for that day/moment/etc.

I frequently say to the Lord, “Use me – I am available – I want to be used by You” – These are sincere statements, but I am realizing that in being used, sometimes there is the risk of coming across as weird, or guys may think I am flirting with them or have a crush, but that should not stop me from walking out what the Lord is asking of me.

As a Believer I am already of a peculiar fold, so I am deciding to stop running from that fact, and just embrace it!

I am making the daily choice to truly live out the declaration of “Not my will, but Yours (God’s) be done in my life”, even if I have to walk out this statement in discomfort, fear, or with the risk of coming across as a weirdo (no offense with this term).

God’s will, not my own – That’s my aim.

Staying encouraged, I hope the same for you!

Author: Lyn Marie

I am someone who knows and accepts that I DO NOT know it all. There's always room to grow! Happy to try and encourage others, as I encourage myself. We can make it through together! :)

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