The thief of comparison.

Real talk, it has taken me longer than I would’ve liked to just be cool with who the Lord has blessed me to be as a person (flaws and all). I find in this life it can be so easy to fall into the trap of comparing your life to that of another.

Getting in competition/comparison mode robs us of our own personalized experiences, opportunities, times of celebrations, as well as the chance to show love and celebrate with others.

The truth is there will always be the temptation/urge to compare ourselves to others, as there will always be someone smaller (or bigger), brighter, more eloquent, more knowledgeable, successful, or likable. These things do not change the fact that we are valuable, have purpose, and are the bomb!

Again, I say that I’m realizing and believing that life is a personalized journey – no one can walk it out (your journey), quite like you can. So let’s not allow the thief of comparison to rob us any further!

For me I say, I am making the choice to feel good about myself – my highs and lows, flaws, and features (both physical and non), just my story in general.

I pray that I continue to trust that God has made me enough, even if I do need a spiritual slap in the face reminder from time to time… 🙂

Staying encouraged, I pray the same for you…

Author: Lyn Marie

I am someone who knows and accepts that I DO NOT know it all. There's always room to grow! Happy to try and encourage others, as I encourage myself. We can make it through together! :)

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