A season of lessons to be learned.

Obviously it has been a bit since I last shared via Carpe. Definitely not because nothing is going on with me, quite the opposite actually. The experiences are not all peaches and roses, but definitely making it through, by the grace of God.

Anyway… I am one who believes in embracing the various seasons of life. I believe that I am currently in a lessons to be learned season. In this season there is more living going on, that has, and will continue to birth lessons and experiences to hopefully draw from and share in the near future.

Nonetheless, I wanted to drop some lines to sincerely state I hope all who view this blog are staying encouraged and pressing on, in whatever life season you currently find yourself in.

More to come… 🙂

Author: Lyn Marie

I am someone who knows and accepts that I DO NOT know it all. There's always room to grow! Happy to try and encourage others, as I encourage myself. We can make it through together! :)

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