Check your Check-in Motives.

From personal experience I just want to say, if you do not mean someone from your past well, and just want to check in on them and see how they’re “surviving” without you, do that person a favor and don’t (check in).

I have never quite understood the reason why past love/like interests feel the need to check back in, knowing full well they don’t mean you any good, but just want to “see what you are up to”. In my opinion that is selfish and highly inconsiderate.

If you are reaching out, not to try to make things right, but only to get your unanswered questions or unresolved issues within yourself settled, I strongly encourage you to think before you reach out. Your selfish motives run the risk of undoing a lot of healing and growth that has taken place.

If someone has begun the getting over you journey, let them keep trucking down that path, in peace!

Just a word to the wise.

With all of that said, I am still sincerely hoping you (the reader) are staying encouraged 🙂

Author: Lyn Marie

I am someone who knows and accepts that I DO NOT know it all. There's always room to grow! Happy to try and encourage others, as I encourage myself. We can make it through together! :)

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