God’s will, not my own.

Fairly often the Lord places specific individuals on my heart to reach out to, and send some appreciation/love. I dig this as I am fond of encouraging others, but there are times where I am hesitant and talk myself out of this task.

The reason for the hesitation varies, but is often due to the fear of coming across as weird (the individual wondering why I am reaching out to them or saying what I am saying). Another reason is the fear of coming across as flirty or having a crush. This fear comes into play specifically when being urged to reach out to members of the opposite sex.

The result of these fears taking over, is me aborting the encouragement mission the Lord assigned to me for that day/moment/etc.

I frequently say to the Lord, “Use me – I am available – I want to be used by You” – These are sincere statements, but I am realizing that in being used, sometimes there is the risk of coming across as weird, or guys may think I am flirting with them or have a crush, but that should not stop me from walking out what the Lord is asking of me.

As a Believer I am already of a peculiar fold, so I am deciding to stop running from that fact, and just embrace it!

I am making the daily choice to truly live out the declaration of “Not my will, but Yours (God’s) be done in my life”, even if I have to walk out this statement in discomfort, fear, or with the risk of coming across as a weirdo (no offense with this term).

God’s will, not my own – That’s my aim.

Staying encouraged, I hope the same for you!

New level issues.

In life we have the opportunity to grow, and go from level to level (faith to faith), but a common hindrance is believing that where we are now (personal issues, mindsets, struggles), is where we have to remain for life.

I have found remaining at the same level, with the same issues, just doesn’t have to be so. Each passing year, day, second, is an opportunity to change for the better, and elevate.

I have made up my mind that I will not live out the rest of my days harboring the same unhealthy mindsets, or having the same struggles and issues. I choose to cooperate with the Lord and obtain some new levels!

Just a couple of mindset change examples that may open one up to new levels follow:

Are you tired of going through the emotional roller coaster of getting upset, sad, then frustrated over the same painful memories of hurts and regrets of the past? Do yourself a favor and decide to forgive (others and yourself), and let it go. Have you been insecure, plagued by a comparison spirit, and always counting yourself out in the past? Well today is the perfect day to realize your value, get back in the game, and count yourself in (you matter!).

As I press on to the new levels in my life, I pray to remain ready for the new obstacles/struggles/issues that come with the territory. God is with me, so I know I can withstand and make it!

I’m staying encouraged, I pray the same for you!!

Thoughts and Thank You’s: George Floyd and Injustices toward Black Lives

I have to state that the murder of Mr. George Floyd at the hand of Minneapolis Police Officers a little over a week ago is some wicked crap, and unfortunately, senseless, hateful acts like this toward the black community have been too common not only in my lifetime, but throughout American history.  

I am pissed at the injustices and killings of black men and women, boys and girls, that continue to take place at the hand of the very people/department/agency, that is sworn to serve and protect them (us) – This is some whack stuff!

Honestly, I have not had to rebuke so many cuss words within my mind, then I have over this past week. My emotions are all over the place, but I thank the Lord for helping me to get them together.

Although I still cannot wholly articulate my thoughts and feelings, I did want to take a moment and thank all of the individuals within my feed, and across social media platforms as a whole, that have been sharing information regarding the unjustifiable death of Mr. George Floyd, and the movement that is taking place as a result.

Thank you for also sharing information on how individuals can help, whether by protesting, donating supplies and goods, or just their time.

Last, but definitely not least, I want to give a shout out to all of the prayer intercessors. Please do not discount the mighty task you are doing behind the scenes. Prayer is a powerful tool – I know it to be true.

Like many others, I am continuing to pray for justice, healing, and a supernatural movement/shift in this nation, on behalf of Black lives, that are so easily discounted daily, globally.

Please stay encouraged, and a side-note, do not forget to register to vote. The true leadership skills, or lack of, of elected government officials are being shown during this time. Please take notice…


Release the fear, and get it right.

Have you ever been in a situation where the vibe is just off – Mainly a hiccup in communication between you and someone you generally have a uniformed flow with? Misunderstandings or unresolved issues are often to blame for this.

I know for myself, when discord begins to rear its ugly head in specific relationships, I feel a strong urge to bring up the issue with the other party, but quickly talk myself out of it. Why?… Fear, plain and simple.

Indirect, dramatic outbursts were a pretty common theme used by me in my relationships back in the day (both romantic and platonic). Due to this toxic behavior of past, I sometimes get uneasy bringing up current issues or concerns with others, out of fear of coming across as too emotional, in turn, being written off before being fully heard out. There is also the fear of causing more harm than good by even bringing the issue up. So, I just wait for the off feeling/vibe to pass, and it does, until the unresolved issue arises again…

Well, I want off of that crazy cycle of fear, so I am beginning to take the necessary steps to achieve that. I am practicing wisdom by seeking guidance from the Lord on which issues to bring up, and which to let go of and lay at His feet in prayer. While doing this I am realizing, and accepting that I can truly only control myself and my emotions, and not the possible responses I may receive from others.

This is some work, and definitely takes practice, but I am going to keep trying 🙂

When the vibe is off, I aim to release the fear of how I may be perceived, and take the steps to get it right.

Staying encouraged – I hope the same for you!

Being Real.

Sometimes it seems the only action associated with keeping it/being real is a level of in your face, sharp shooting, telling it to you like it is, in a forceful and hard way toward another.

I agree that at times, this form of being real is necessary, but I think there is another type of real that is equally as important. This realness is that of choosing to be vulnerable and truthful, first with the Lord (I must state this, as I know Him to be the ultimate source of healing, hope, and change), then with yourself, and others – acknowledging that you may feel lonely, afraid, disconnected, or just sometimes misunderstood.

I believe there is great power in sharing victories (testimonies), as well as struggles (tests, soon to be testimonies), even in a time where it seems like we all are so bent on appearing as if we have it all together.

To me, true realness is admitting, even if just to yourself, that you do have some insecurities, you do not have it all together, and you do need others.

I am striving to walk this type of being real out.

Staying encouraged – I hope the same for you!


Walk them out.

I am at a place in my life where I desire to stop looking to other people, the amount of friends, connections, likes/shares, or resources I (currently) have, to justify who I am, and what I can do with the abilities the Lord has gifted me. I just want to cooperate, and do what the Lord has instructed me to do/live out. Whether it’s following through on an idea, task, goal, or service offered, or just putting forth a better effort and attitude in my daily affairs (work life, home life, citizen as a whole).

I strongly believe now is the time for us as Believers, to be bold, strong, and courageous, and confidently walk out the plans the Lord has for us – trusting and honoring Him each step of the way. Knowing without a doubt that He’s able to bring those plans to pass, with lasting success, beyond our wildest dreams…

The plans of the Lord, let’s walk them out.

Stay encouraged!

This is for me.

With frustrations, fear, and distractions all around, it gets really easy to become so focused on ourselves – our fears, insecurities, or items we have before the Lord to change and workout on our behalf. If left unchecked, being so me-focused can cause us to run the risk of becoming selfish, self-centered individuals, and that is so anti of what being an effective Believer is all about.

Unfortunately I have spent some time engulfed in self, but thankfully, I’m choosing not to stay there.

Since shifting my focus back to being Christ-centered, the softness of truly caring for others has returned, I’m building relationships, and my days are so much brighter.

Getting and living beyond self – This is for me. 🙂

Keep pressing on!

I choose peace.

I’m recognizing that in this life, trouble comes and goes, but even in the midst of those troubles, I can choose to remain secure and at peace, because God is in control.

As believers the Lord offers us peace in Him (John 16:33a), which surpasses all understanding (Philippians 4:7). So if you find yourself panicking (tripping) over the troubles and cares of this life, remember that peace is a choice, I doubt you’ll regret making – I know I don’t…

Please note – I am not stating that choosing to be at peace makes all of your troubles disappear, but I believe, and am a witness, that it will have a positive effect on your outlook and attitude, as well as remind you of whom you are putting your trust in.

Stay encouraged!

Better not bitter.

When I spend the majority of my time (even just a quick moment) keeping naysayers, hurtful experiences and people, or those who no longer associate with me (or vice-versa), at the forefront of my mind, it hits me that perhaps I may not truly be unbothered by their absence in my life.

I STRONGLY am down with being able to keep it moving in life, but while moving forward I think it’s a mistake to make your focus all about how others were never for you, or you knew they were whack, or they were only holding you back, etc. Even if all of that is true, glorifying those hurts or people of old, is still making them a prime factor in your life.

Being truly better, for me, involves forgiveness and keeping it moving – no extra comments, no hoping they get what’s coming to them (although reaping and sowing IS a principle). Just trusting and believing that all things are working for my good, and making sure I’m doing what’s necessary to get/stay right (maintaining the right attitude, and working on the character flaws in ME), and pressing on, free of regret, anger, hurt, and bitterness.

That to me is an example of truly living better not bitter, and I’m down with that!

DISCLAIMER: There are stipulations to all things working together (See Romans 8:28). Also, I am not in any way stating or encouraging anyone to pretend being dissed doesn’t hurt, but I am a witness that letting it go (releasing those painful experiences, people, etc.) is far more beneficial, than holding on.

Stay encouraged!

Let me explain.

I am a recovering people-pleaser. Part of this recovery is continually working at being free from always feeling the need to provide an explanation for decisions I sometimes feel lead to make.

In my personal experience, the times I get so wrapped up in trying to justify choices or decisions that do not line up with cultural “norms”, I begin second guessing things, then fall into double-mindedness, which of course leads to emotional instability, all due to trying to make a decision make sense to others (James 1:6-8) – It’s madness, trust me!!

Not trying to get super deep, but sometimes, as a Believer specifically, some choices just will not make much sense to others, sometimes even to ourselves, but we still make them.

In instances like this, let me explain – No explanation required!

DISCLAIMER: I in no way am saying not to be accountable to anyone, but keep in mind, in the end, you only are truly accountable for yourself, and the choices YOU make (Romans 14:12). Stay encouraged!

Much love to all!